Working in Tandem: for a compassionate mental health system

Working in Tandem: for a compassionate mental health system

We believe Victoria deserves a world class mental health system.

One in which we can expect the same compassionate, therapeutic care that wraps around clients, their friends and families when services are treating cancer. One in which mental health issues are identified early, treatment options are carefully explored, and tailored support is offered to the whole family.

We believe in a mental health system that is safe, inclusive, fair and funded.
Our system must be transformed from the crisis driven one that we currently have, to one with:
● Compassion at its core and compassionate leadership at the helm
● No wrong door to accessing care
● A system that recognises family and friends as a critical part of the recovery journey and consequently are entitled to respect, kindness, information and support.

Join us on Tuesday the 15th of October, 2019 during Carers Week as we explore what a world leading mental health system looks like from a family and friends perspective.

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